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Boz playing with friendsWelcome and thanks for visiting this website. Beautiful. Bold. Athletic. That is the philosophy of Man Kou Chows. I've been in various stages of owning, breeding and showing Chow Chows since 1978. When I began, Chows were just beginning a popularity explosion. Health and temperament problems became common and the breed that had previously been known for its robust health and longevity became known as a breed with serious problems. Because I remember the "bad old days", I have a simple philosophy.

AKC/UKC CH Royal Cajun Foxfyre de Man Kou, RN


Just what it says. I don't breed often, and when I do, I strive to breed dogs that reflect the breed standard and are not extreme in any way. Beautiful is more than just physical perfection. To me, it also refers to intelligence. Intelligent dogs are a bigger challenge, but more fun!


Athletic A dog that can't run, play, or jump is not a fun dog to have around. I screen for health problems (hips, elbows, etc.). While nobody can guarantee that a problem won't pop up, I load the dice in my favor, so to speak, by selecting dogs who have been cleared for health problems. As well as showing in breed competition, I also have interests in agility, Rally O, tracking and the latest sport - coursing, so dogs must be physically capable of performing any of these activities, as well as hiking, playing ball and just plain running around for fun!

Xena runs like the wind with a treasure!
Sisters Lilly and Rosy sharing a quiet moment


By this, I mean correct temperament. I want a dog that is confident, not afraid of anyone or anything, and a joy to be around. Confident dogs are happy, secure dogs. The correct chow temperament is one of "aloofness". It's a fine line to walk to achieve the classic temperament and have a chow that fits into today's modern expectations.