Man Kou Chows

2014 News

New job!

Good news at long last - have a new job beginning shortly. Bad news - Man Kou will be moving to North Carolina somewhere near-ish the Charlotte area. We'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, here's how you can help me.

I am currently searching for a place to move to (rental) within 45 min. driving distance to 4205 Westinghouse Commons Drive in Charlotte (its about 10-15 min SE of the Charlotte airport). I am looking for a place out in the country - no suburbs or developments - I hate those kinds of places. Contact me if you know of any available places. I am looking at a very short time to start this process as I need to start at the new job hopefully by February.

I am reluctantly placing some of the dogs because of this move. Check out the "Puppies" page to see which dogs are available.

Once I'm settled, and figure out what to do with the house in NH, I will find a house to buy. If you know anyone who needs a nice house within driving distance of Dartmouth-Hitchcock, or just located in western NH (Unity, not far from Vermont) then drop me a line.

2013 News

Things are pretty quiet right now in terms of showing dogs. I have been forced to significantly scale back all show and training activities.